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Escape the Ordinary in Harwood District

Our Hospitality Group delivers an escape from the ordinary through a growing collection of concepts in the Harwood District of Dallas, featuring catering and a world of culinary experiences. A collection of 20 concepts in the 19-city-block Harwood District, with more currently in development, its mission is to allow both our associates and our guests to Escape the Ordinary.

For our associates, this means being a part of a mutual long-term vision driven by doing things differently with creativity, passion, and style. We then allow guests to feel transported to different parts of the world without leaving the comforts of their own city. We deliver our mission by providing unparalleled hospitality, exceptional service, and culinary excellence that leaves unforgettable memories and instills deep loyalty.




Individual Bar and Restaurant Destinations

From sculpted gardens and imported Parisian pergolas to show-stopping eats that routinely go viral, our concepts make up a stylish collective of walkable and inspired dining experiences that set senses ablaze and satisfy the most discerning expectations.

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20 Best Hotels in Dallas

Simply stated: this hotel is everything Dallas didn’t know it needed. Melding the sophistication of Switzerland and the hospitable charms of Texas (Sw-exan, get it?), this 134-room boutique property is the hottest hotel destination in Dallas right now without question.

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Dallas restaurant NDA Brasserie, now open, emphasizes breakfast and lunch

If you’re looking for a spot for a business breakfast or lunch, that can be a challenge in Dallas-Fort Worth. NDA Brasserie in Dallas’ Harwood District is a stately spot specializing in those two meals.

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Hôtel Swexan wins D CEO Best hospitality project

Harwood Hospitality Group’s flagship hotel—named Hôtel Swexan, opening in 2023.

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In addition to catering offered from the restaurants under the Harwood umbrella, our catering services can span from lunch meetings, daily breakfast service, black tie events, to intimate dinner parties at home.

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Hôtel Swexan is Harwood International’s flagship hotel in Dallas, offering the confluence of Texan charm and international European flair within the vertical urban retreat. The 134-room boutique concept offers enchanting suites, six independent hospitality concepts, a private social club, and an expansive rooftop infinity pool perched 20 floors high with panoramic views of the Dallas skyline.

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Vice President of Catering and Sales get in touch

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