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Committed to community


A vanguard of environmental stewardship, community engagement and corporate governance

We care. Two words that say everything you need to know about our approach to local communities, wider society and the world.

Our commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance initiatives is real and evident every day. Our sustainability and responsible business practices make us a vanguard of environmental stewardship, meaningful community engagement and robust corporate governance. We actively contribute to a more equitable and resilient future, while maintaining a position we’re proud of – at the cutting edge of ethical and progressive business.

Community Support

We give Hope

One of our key goals is to improve our surrounding communities through fundraising, sponsorship and regular hands-on involvement. Our most successful charitable event, Hope Fest: Live from Harwood, combines our passion for hospitality and giving back to those in need. Since 2017, the generosity of over 30 sponsors, over 500 guests, volunteers and donors has raised over $1,000,000.

Green Initiatives

We’re planted in Dallas

Dallas is our home and we want to do it good. That’s why we’ve planted over 1,200 trees, created over 8.5 acres of landscaped areas, elaborate green roofs and public green spaces. Our commitment to sustainable initiatives has been recognised by the Trammel Crow Urban Forestry Award, presented by the Dallas Parks Foundation. We also develop our buildings in accordance with Dallas Green Construction Code and LEED Standards and are committed to using materials that stand the test of time, minimising the need for replacement or repair.

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