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Vertical Integration


Our independent verticals work stronger, together

Harwood International is a family-owned and integrated company with two key verticals: Real Estate and Hospitality.

These two verticals work independently within their spheres, but work best together and in sync seamlessly.

Harwood is uniquely positioned in having expertise in both these areas and they are key to Harwood’s continued success.

Harwood International’s more than four decades of acclaimed achievements in the real estate industry can be attributed to its seamless vertical integration. By consolidating Asset Management, Capital Markets, Investment Management, and Development within a single entity, we possess the capacity to successfully manage capital and real estate investments.

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Harwood International’s philosophy of creating innovative experiences comes to life through the Harwood Hospitality Group. This highly skilled team creates enhanced, welcoming environments within the growing collection of restaurants in the Harwood District. Driven to elevate the day of a tenant or a visitor just passing through the Harwood District, this accommodating group ensures an unparalleled experience and unforgettable memories.

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