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20 Best Hotels in Dallas

By Diana Oates / April 19, 2024 / Condé Nast Traveler

20 Best Hotels in Dallas

Two Texas cities, two completely different vibes. They are coupled together as one in the same by travelers who don’t know any better. And how could they? Dallas-Fort Worth rolls off the tongue in the national news and on tv as one place almost always. While Dallas has historically been known to dazzle with five-star hotels, creative cuisine, and magnificent museums, Fort Worth has recently said, “Hold my ranch water.” The historically rich and quietly confident “Cow Town” has given North Texas a shake up over the last couple of years and has everyone in North Texas taking another look at what it has to offer the luxury traveler.

Here are the best hotels in Dallas-Forth Worth for when your travels next take you to Texas. We suggest popping your plans into a map and seeing which posh property makes the most sense logistically for your plans in the land of longhorn leisure. After all, everything is bigger here—including this lengthy list of options. From the seriously sexy Hotel Swexan in Dallas to the laidback luxury of Bowie House in Fort Worth, the gang’s all here, and they have banded together to create quite the impressive portfolio to represent the region.

Every hotel review on this list has been written by a Condé Nast Traveler journalist who knows the destination and has visited that property. When choosing hotels, our editors consider properties across price points that offer an authentic and insider experience of a destination, keeping design, location, service, and sustainability credentials top of mind.


Simply stated: this hotel is everything Dallas didn’t know it needed. Melding the sophistication of Switzerland and the hospitable charms of Texas (Sw-exan, get it?), this 134-room boutique property is the hottest hotel destination in Dallas right now without question. And while the pool is poppin’ and the completely unique suites are standout, the five dining destinations are what make this *the* place to hang in the Harwood District and beyond. Think a 12th floor pool bar, high end weekend tea service, buzzing lower-level lounge, and a signature steakhouse that features its own HWD Premium Beef.

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