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The 41 Best New Hotels in North America and Europe 2024

By Kevin Sintumuang, Madison Vain, Daniel Dumas and Krista Jones / April 9, 2024 / Esquire

The 41 Best New Hotels in North America and Europe 2024

A truly great hotel can’t be measured solely by the fancy soap in the marble bath, the plushness of the bed, or the quality of the chocolate provided with turndown service. We all love these little touches of luxury, of course. But they’ve become standardized—a way of offering the predictability that many travelers crave. Forgive us, but that’s not a very exciting way to explore the world. The most memorable travel experiences are the ones we didn’t expect and can’t replicate anywhere else.

The properties on this year’s Best New Hotels list, our third, prove that a hotel that goes against the grain of ho-hum luxury can change the vibrations of its neighborhood and its city. More importantly, it can change the way you see a place. At Kona Village, a Rosewood Resort on Hawaii’s Big Island, we fished in the same ponds as people did centuries ago and drank at the same bar as Jim Morrison did in the sixties. The hotel is located on a calm beach with warm, clear water. You could put pretty much any kind of property there and it would be successful. But it’s the respect for how this land was used long ago as well as how it will be used in the future—it operates completely on solar energy—that connects with us on a deeper level. Staying at the Sea Ranch Lodge in California will give you an appreciation for how modernist design can meld with nature. And Rome’s Bulgari Hotel helps to redefine what Italian opulence means. Perhaps no property we visited will change the way you think about a city more than our Hotel of the Year: The Lafayette serves as an ambassador to the richness of San Diego’s culture. And it does so with a range of nonstop hospitality options that include incredible cocktails, a vibrant pool scene, a twenty-four-hour diner, and even bowling.

The thing is: You need to have your mind open to change. If all you really want are fancy soaps and soft sheets, that’s all you’ll get out of an experience. A hotel can only do so much. But when you change your receptors to a more receiving frequency and visit a place vibrating on a different level, that’s when travel magic happens. Sometimes a great hotel can change the way you see yourself in the world. —Kevin Sintumuang


Everything is bigger in Texas, even its boutique hotels. And that’s a good thing: Hôtel Swexan is the swanky new spot where you’ll want to lay your head to rest next time you find yourself in DTX. Should you book one of the top-floor suites, know that they are spacious enough for the whole family. But it’s not the large size that matters so much as the small details: You won’t have to ask for a toothbrush and toothpaste because you forgot to pack them—they’re already in the bathroom waiting for you. The minibar? It’s stocked with both Burgundy and good California pinot (made in Burgundian style, of course). Whether you dip into the rooftop pool or slip into Babou’s downstairs on Live Jazz Night, the Swexan doesn’t miss from top to bottom. Rooms from $625 —O.M.

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Harwood Hospitality Group’s flagship hotel—named Hôtel Swexan, opening in 2023.

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