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Happiest Hour


Happiest Hour

  • Dallas
  • Hospitality
  • Completed
  • Harwood Hospitality Group’s largest venue
  • 12,000 square feet with 30+ TVs

Happiest Hour was born from the spirit of friendly rivalry. As one of our largest concepts in the collection, we embraced a winner takes all approach to Happiest Hour – making power plays from our design that offers award-winning city views to creating a menu of eats and drinks as big as Texas. Happiest Hour serves up larger than life energy all the way from brunch, to game day watch parties, and bottle service at night.

With something for everyone, it is a place for all – and especially sports fans – to come together and share over-the-top experiences unmatched by any other. No matter your team, we all cheer for Happiest Hour.

Spanning 12,000 square feet and two levels of space, Happiest Hour is located within walking distance to several sports and arts venues, and is known as the destination for all things spirit-lifting. Its indoor and outdoor bliss features garden games, 30+ TVs, and 50 beers on tap for the ultimate spot to gather amongst friends, family, or colleagues. Its rooftop is known as Fanciest Hour and provides a lounge-like feel with live music that resonates with pure nightlife.

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