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Dolce Riviera


Dolce Riviera

  • USA
  • Hospitality
  • Completed
  • Italian getaway
  • Harwood Hospitality Concept
  • Winner of Wine Spectator Award of Excellence in 2023

Scouring Dallas for tried-and-true Italian, we simply weren’t satiated. Where was a destination that was authentic yet glamorous?
Why was the flavour just not memorable? How have we gone this long?

To answer our own questions, we recollected experiences from our favorite summer vacations along the French Riviera and Capri. We remembered the scent of fresh lemon trees, the Italian fashion, the sea breeze, and the unmatched taste of fresh pasta paired with full bodied wines. We sought insights from the best Italian talent and the concept of Dolce Riviera was born.

Dolce Riviera emulates the breezy, spectacular resort of the Italian Riviera or Capri seaside. The upscale Italian restaurant features a nostalgic nautical theme that beckons recollections of the ‘La Dolce Vita’ era, once heralded as the golden age of cinema and dynamic creativity. The color of the interior dining scene mimics ombre shades of the ocean while the outdoor patio and pocket gardens are reminiscent of a giardino found in Italy.

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