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Dallas’ Designer High-Rise Is No Ordinary Tower — Bleu Ciel Unveils Special Interior Designer-Imagined Model Homes

By PC Studios / July 9, 2022 / PaperCity

Dallas’ Designer High-Rise Is No Ordinary Tower — Bleu Ciel Unveils Special Interior Designer-Imagined Model Homes

When it comes to luxury in the sky or the “ciel” (the French word for sky), there is one Dallas high-rise taking it to new heights. Say hello to Bleu Ciel. This 33-story luxury tower in the bustling and ever-growing Harwood District has been impossible to miss since its construction. And, just when you thought Bleu Ciel couldn’t get any more chic, it’s released new model homes designed by five of the nation’s most renowned designers.

You wouldn’t expect anything less from a tower designed by renowned architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, one where floor-to-ceiling windows, 24-hour concierge and valet service and a seemingly endless list of perks are all part of the package.

Bleu Ciel’s resort-style condominiums make for a peaceful, serene oasis in the heart of Dallas’ concrete jungle. Surrounded by some of the city’s top restaurants with easy access to one of its main arteries — the Tollway — and really anywhere else you want to go, Bleu Ciel’s location is also next level in many ways. It is smack dab in the middle of one of the most walkable areas in all of Dallas (Harwood District boats a 92 Walk Score), the vision of Harwood International.

As for the model homes themselves? Each Bleu Ciel unit is unique, catering to residents of all different interior tastes. Each boasts Porcelanosa cabinetry, Miele appliances and an expansion terrace that adds up to 40 percent more living space. Bleu Ciel units on the ground level feature gardens to add that extra touch of green. And like all the buildings throughout Harwood District, these sky-high homes are built with sustainability in mind and with materials that are made to last.

“One of the things that make the homes at Bleu Ciel so special is the unique blend of decor and real estate,” Bleu Ciel director of sales Allison Hayden says. “You won’t find any other buildings in the city that have as prime of a location as Bleu Ciel while also keeping the luxurious, detailed design of each unit at the forefront.”

Literally building off its already top-of-the-line residences, Bleu Ciel rolled out six new home looks designed by four top interior designers — George Bass, Nikki Klugh Design Group, Janet Baker, Susan Smith, and Cheryl Parsa. As expected and desired when using different top designers, each home reflects a unique design aesthetic all of its own.

Each of these six Blue Ciel units is a special land in the sky. This is the opposite of cookie cutter. Instead, these are truly bespoke high-rise homes.

This is a next-level designer Bleu Ciel home. A sophistication runs through designer Janet Baker’s interior design work.
Bass’ homes embody a modern — yet classic — feel. He incorporates a mixture of bold hues (particularly blues — a fitting nod to this Dallas high-rise’s name) with cool tones throughout. Baker’s new Bleu Ciel units exude a sexy sophistication that captures the essence of living in the heart of the city, embracing black and darker tones — a perfect match for the glowing city lights. Parsa takes a bit more of a whimsical approach to her units, utilizing bright colors mixed with a minimalist feel.

According to Bass, the on-the-go luxury lifestyle within the all-inclusive building became a focal point when he designed his model unit.

“The beauty of the architecture is all around the homeowners with beyond-reach views of Texas,” Bass says. “This luxe surrounding dictates we use the luxury inventory that stands the test of time and just feels good.

“The quality of your lifestyle is easy, but the comfort is everlasting and rewarding.”

This is what happens when you build a true designer oasis in the sky — in the heart of where you want to be.

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As you enter the Harwood District, it’s hard to miss the international-by-design high-rise building Bleu Ciel.

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